Pure Lux

A really rare Hermes Birkin bag has set a new record for the most expensive handbag ever sold at auction.

The fuchsia diamonds-encrusted crocodile skin Birkin was sold for 222,000 $ (about 200 000 euro) at Christie’s auctions in Hong Kong on Monday the 1st of june 2015.

Birkin p

The previous record for handbag was set in 2011 in a heritage auction where an other hermes Birkin was sold for 203,000 $ (about 182 477 euro), that time was the turn of a diamonds Himalayan Birkin, made of Nilo crocodile, rendered a subtle coloration that is meant to evoke images of Himalayan mountains and a 18 carats white gold harware studded with white diamonds, the bag feature more than 200 diamonds for a total of 8.2 carats.

birkinhimalayan   baghimalayanpiu

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