Hat on … 

It’s summer time and everybody needs a Panama hat, very glamour accessory to wear on the beach or in town .

Straw hats in what is today as knows as “Panama style” became an essential part of daily wear of Ecuadorians in the mid- 1800s. Panama hats became a fashion statement when President Roosvelt was seen wearing one and than wore them back in the States than became a very cool and fascinating items.

The Panama Hat pretty much says ” it’s summeeeeer!!!!!” So grab one and head to the beach or just out in the town !!!!

 (Me wearing Loro Piana Panama Hat @ Loro Piana)

  ( various Panama Hats

Check out the very special New Hats from Year Zero London www.yearzerolondon.com , created by Mazzilli Family, it’s a free spiritedindependent  brand based off the trendy and iconic Carnaby Street, in the heart of Soho, London ….you will find unique items!!!   
(The very special Year Zero London Panama Hats, YEAR ZERO LONDON )   (The super glamour new Panama Hat from the stylish creator Year Zero London )

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