Horses In Fashion 

All the big glamour brands seems to like horses for a good photo shooting of their collection …. Here a few picture of horses photographed for fashion advertising.  From Coca-Cola to the elegant Hermes, passing by Gucci and Ralph Lauren or Alexander McQueen, Chloe or Lanvin …            Such as a stunning animal, […]

Steve Guerdat provisionally suspended for Doping 

The fédération Equestre international (FEI) announced the two of Steve Guerdat horses have tested positive for prohibited substances   Samples taken at CSIO La Baule in May this year from horses Nino des Buissonnets and Nasa; they returned positive for the banned substances codeine, morphine and oripavine. The International equestrian fédération has suggested that the […]

Horsing around

I’m on holiday in my hometown in Sweden. And as any horse lover I just can’t stay away from horses so I dragged my husband with me one day to see the trotting horses. So much fun, my favorite was to see the “heavy breaded Nordsvensk trotters”. If I won any money? Noooo    Nordsvensk-trotter

Hat on … 

It’s summer time and everybody needs a Panama hat, very glamour accessory to wear on the beach or in town . Straw hats in what is today as knows as “Panama style” became an essential part of daily wear of Ecuadorians in the mid- 1800s. Panama hats became a fashion statement when President Roosvelt was […]