Lets talk about Stirrups

At the moment I have a pair of Floater Stirrups from Italian brand Selleria Equipe that I have used everyday for over 2 years and that I really love. They are especially good now after my knee operation and I really don’t feel any pressure or stress at all on my knee while riding in them. Over all I super happy with this hi-tech stirrups and I also love the design. 

However every now and then one needs to take them apart to clean them and put some lubricant on the springs as they after some use (thanks to dust and humidity) start to squeak. This is the only thing I don’t enjoy as its a quite finical work that take some time to do…


So now I’m a bit tempted to get a pair of Freejump stirrups to alternative with as I have heard a lot of good things about them and I also like the safety aspect of them.

The most tricky question is, which color to choose? And why don’t they do them in brown and gold? 😊


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