Stable beauty

As you all know, when you spend half your life in the stable, it’s not surprising that your skin will takes it’s  toll. Especially me, being Scandinavian with fair skin have suffered a lot. Strong sun, dust and wind have left me with more ages signes than I wish for. 

So I started to go to have my skin professionally taken care of….but did not really noticed any different (except a big whole in my pocket 💸 and lost of pressures time that I could’ve spent in the saddle)

Until a day at the Thermes-spa I discovered the Reneve brand! Now I’m totally hocked and for the first time, in my life, people actually complement my complexion. Hurrah  As they are a bit pricey I started with an eye-cream and a very light weighting ultra-moisturizing cream. You see, in the beginning I was afraid for the usual effects that other cream would usual have on me after a couple of weeks use. That is making my skin too shiny/greasy or just not giving me the enough of the moisturizing that my skin needs. 

But as I think you understand, I more than pleased with this brand and their products. And I recently expanded my beauty routine with two more products from Reneve: P-Comfort and Claera Day anti-age with SPF 15 : Perfect for hot sunny days in the stable 👌 Extra plus for the Claera Day-cream who doesn’t leave you with a “white-masque” after you been out in the heat and sun as many other day-creams with SPF tend to do.  

 So if you are looking for a new beauty routine please don’t hesitate to try out this fab brand! 👉 Reneve

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