New pony 

🇬🇧 Say “hi” to “Betty”, my new partner in crime.

🇸🇪 Säg “hej” till “Betty” min nya partner. 

🇮🇹 Salutate “Betty” mia nuova campagnia.


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Polo/Piké/Polo : Longines Global Champions Tour 2015

Breeches/Ridbyxor/Panlaloni: GPA NoSewTechnology

Ridingboots/Ridstövlar/Stivali: Hööks – Arezzo

Helmet/Hjälm/Cap: Antares – Classic

Gloves/Ridvantar/Guanti : Roeckl – Drytec


Saddleblanket/Schabrak/Sottosella : Anna Scarpati

Saddle/Sadel/Sella: Hermès Brasilia

Breastharness/Förbygel/Pettorali: Antares Sellier

Legboots/Benskydd/Protezioni: Hööks JH Collection

Bridle/Träns/Testiera: PS of Sweden – Flat Out Revolution

Hood/Öronluva/Cuffia: Cristina Sport

Bit/Bett/Filleto: Whitaker

Nose-net/nos-nät/antimosche-naso: Equilibrium

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