Helite Air Jacket 

  Is it possible to look good and be safe at the same time while showing? Well honestly until yesterday my answer would had to been: -No!

But thankfully times are changing, it started a couple of years ago when helmets started to get a make over. Today you can find helmets in all kind of styles and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for many brands also offers personalizing. 

We still know that a helmet is a good start but what about the rest of our body? Being an equestrian for more than 20 years I have had my shares of fall and broken bones. And let me tell you, that’s the not fun part of horseriding. So I have come to the stage in my life where I try to avoid to get hurt and prior my safety and health before anything else.

So when I saw Geir Gulliksen (Norwegian Grand Prix rider) and Charlotte Casiraghi (Princess Caroline of Monacos daughter and grandchild to Grace Kelly) riding with their Helite airbag west a couple of years ago it catch my eye and my interest. Still the fact that it wasn’t a beautiful show jacket made me hesitate as, let’s be honest, when I enter the show ring I want to look good as much as I wish to preform good. 😉

Now finally Helite air west are getting more and more popular and with that you can now buy diffident show jacket to zip it into. So I invested in myself and got one together with a classic navy show jacket from Oscar et Gabrielle

Two weekends ago I went showjumping in Italy, and of course took the chance to inaugurated my new Helite air west and show jacket. A 7 place the first day and a 5 place the second day made me very happy indeed. Most important, I felt safe and pretty at the same time! 


Is Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters time… 🎾🎾🎾

Having such of good time with my partner in crime “The Sweedy” this days at Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters of tennis … 

Best players in the word like Roger Federer 🇨🇭, Rafael Nadal 🇪🇸, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 🇫🇷, Novak Djokovic 🇷🇸, Andy Murray 🇬🇧, Fernando Verdasco 🇪🇸,  etc…  Will compete during this week to win the first clay tournament of the year. 

Good luck big boys !!!🎾🎾🎾


Welcome to MIAMI LGCT…

There we go… The famous and exclusive LONGINES Global Champions Tour is started ! 

First town to host the opening stage of the prestigious show jumping is MIAMI !

The location and the view are simply breathtaking… Gold sand and blu ocean are a perfect match to make this place unbelievable ! 

   (All Photos by Stefano Grasso LGCT)

Good luck to all the riders and the horses of this stunning horse show !

 Well done Mister Yan Tops, you picked up a really unique spot 🎉👍🏻🎉

CSI GPA Jump festival Cagnes sur Mer -France –

There we go …. Last week end of this beautiful international Show Jumping in South of France, as every years the GPA JUMPING FESTIVAL took place in Cagnes sur Mer, for 3 weeks …. 

Riders as Patrice Delaveau, Bertam Allen, Kevin Staut, and many others come down to the French Riviera ” Hippodrome de la Côte d’Azur” to enjoy the most spectacular horse show of the area! 
   (The big arena)

 (Bertram Allen relaxing before the competition ) 

   (The “small” arena)

(Helite safe airbag)   (Epona safety show jacket)

 (Helite safe training gilet)