Always strive for more!

Even if we are keen show jumpers, both Paola and I think that it’s good to sometimes try new things training wise.  Paola have infact trained for mr. Barnabas Mandi a cople of times before so when she told me that there was still a spot to fill, I was delighted to finally have the chance to go. 

It was such an eye opener! There’s still so much to work on, simple thing that need to be more refined and, of course, hard things that we need to train more on to be a stronger team me and Betty. After two days of drilling in the hard school of dressage I’m even more inspired and eager to learn more and hopefully become a better rider. 


Here’s a small video clip that Paola did of me the first day. Among a lot of things practiced, we did leg yield on a circle to help me to activate Betty’s hind legs to make her become more flexible and as a helping step for me so I would be able to work through her whole body better later on. Not as easy as it sounds!

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