Tour dei Fiori – Sanremo, Last day

The 145 cm GP of this summers Tour (Tour dei Fiori) in Sanremo: Italy, has come to an end. And what a show! Hats of to the 28 amazing riders who challenged this though round! 👏👍

To tell you a few names: The amazing Swiss couple Ignace and Jane Richard Philips for Switzerland🇨🇭, Emanuele Massimiliano Bianchi, Natale Chiaudani, Massimo Grossato and Giovanni Consorti for Italy🇮🇹, Helena Lundbäck and Mathilda Karlsson for Sweden🇸🇪 and instagram star Eva Ursin from Norway🇳🇴!

So how did it end: First place went to one of our favorite female riders:🏆 Jean RICHARD PHILIPS for Swizerland! 🇨🇭💪🏻🏆 Second place for incredible talented Emanuele Massimliano BIANCHI for Italy 🇮🇹 and a third place for Massimo GROSSATO also riding under the Italian flag! 🇮🇹

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