Interview with Paola

Our good friends of “” took the chance to make an interview with Paola after her last competition in Rome. 

Walking the GP course 

Just before it started pouring down 😬☔️☔️⛈☔️⛈☔️⛈☔️⛈☔️⛈☔️⛈☔️⛈☔️

A fab 6th place!

Once again I have to admire my friend and her horse, today they did a rocking clear round and jump-off and finished with a cool 6th place! So happy and proud 🤗🍾💪🏻💃🏼

Look who we found 

Paola and Bonny just arrived to Rome but they are already making front page. 😉

On the road 

Paola is on her way to a big horse show this week and I will join her during the weekend. I’m so much looking forward to this! 

Don’t you just love how nice her new horse truck look pimped with her name?! So professional 💪🏻👌🏻🔝

Elton John @ YCM

This Friday I had the luck to see a living legend live at Yacht Club de Monaco: Elton John​​


Me and my sweet M

I really like the concert- bracelets 👌🏻

How about a glass of blue Chablis wine? 😂💙👌🏻

Me too

I also got myself something new…not nearly as exciting as Paola but still 👍🏻