“Tally Ho” always on the go!

Saw this “Tally Ho” inspired sweater at Dior yesterday while running errands. 

Once again to much time have passed between posts. However as usual life comes in between and after my “WordPress”-app crashed on my phone is been less convenient to blog on the go. 

But now I soon of to Verona where my partner in crime: Paola, is already competing. They had a rocky start on Thursday but already yesterday made a huge step forward with a nice round. Still some things to learn before they can master this tricky place to compete at: small arena, difficult rounds a on top of this Paola’s horse is huge. Stay tuned…

So in the end the last day wasn’t that great too. But that’s the way in our sport, you have to leave it behind you and look forward, taking the good things with you and work on the less good things. Most important is to have fun and that my friends I can insure you we had! 😉

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