Get your Gucci style for less

It’s the new year and end of January. In a shopping mood but still feel that you have to keep an eye on your cash?! What if I told you that you can be “equestrian Gucci chic” but for a much less penny? Sound so good to be true? Well let me present Gina Tricot’s spring Equestrian line:

Alessandra Blouse: 39,95 €

Candice Bomber jacket: 49,95€ /  Frida Bag: 29,95€

How about this show shirt? Note the beautiful lace back!

Cecil Show shirt: 39,95€

Bella Bomber jacket: 49,95€ /  Eniko Top with long sleeve: 24,95 €


Liv Pull-on breeches: 39,95€ 

Sunday sweet Sunday 

Well maybe not so much for me as I’m home sick with the flu. 

On Internet you can find so much beautiful and inspiring things. I love pineapples, the way they look – I have several decorations in my home shaped as pineapple including a table lamp! -and of course the way they taste, mmmmm. Right now I’m obsessed with these cakes 😍 they are just too good looking!!!  

Photo from: AdornCakes; Google search

Photo from:

Looking forward to be back in the saddle …

Holidays almost ended and we are ready to start an other amazing horse riding year! We really looking forward for the first big show of 2017 …. Paola and Bonny will takes part of MET OLIVA in Spain for 3 weeks in February… fingers crossed ! 

It’s time to stop relaxing, rolling in the sand and sunbathing in the paddock all day, we need to be back on track and work hard for 2017 new resolutions! 

Bonny in relax mode ON 🤣

Paola and Bonny @longines master Paris 2016

Bonny working very hard in Paris Longines Master😂

 Paola posing with new GPA blue carbon fiber helmet😻