Get your Gucci style for less

It’s the new year and end of January. In a shopping mood but still feel that you have to keep an eye on your cash?! What if I told you that you can be “equestrian Gucci chic” but for a much less penny? Sound so good to be true? Well let me present Gina Tricot’s spring Equestrian line:

Alessandra Blouse: 39,95 €

Candice Bomber jacket: 49,95€ /  Frida Bag: 29,95€

How about this show shirt? Note the beautiful lace back!

Cecil Show shirt: 39,95€

Bella Bomber jacket: 49,95€ /  Eniko Top with long sleeve: 24,95 €


Liv Pull-on breeches: 39,95€ 

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