Get inspired 

We’re thinking about sharing some inspiring exercises movies with you. Here’s Paola jumping Bonny and Zaki. You can watch her doing the same exercise with both her horses, do you see any difference?



Watch and learn 

This weekend Paola went to Etrea to compete, however she had a small misfortune the day before and could therefore not ride herself. Instead she had her coach Felipe, step in in her place. She recon it’s also good to sometimes see your horse in competition with another rider, that way you can study what they do and how your horse react to it. Remember that to be a better rider you also have to study other riders! 

Saut Hermès 

One of the most beautiful competition has been going on this weekend, we’re of course taking about Saut Hermès in Paris. Paola is there to see it front row. Enjoy some of her snapshots 

A kiss from the sunny and warm Italian riviera 

​​​Paola and the cutest horse ever Bonny wish you a wonderful day and a big kiss ! 

20 degrees and very sunny riding day at S.I.Sanremo, we can’t have better than this to be fair! 

Hermès Rodeo

You might have happen to notice Hermès little whimsical bag charms “Rodeo” that we like to hang on our bags for a funny and easygoing look.

Maybe you wish to get one yourself but are not too keen on the idea to spend so much money for a charm? Well, I have just found a equestrian shop that sells cute lookalikes for a much more human price. 🤗 #tipoftheday


Wishing our readers a happy weekend!

Samshield Pink gold and lady!

Ohhhh I just can’t stop drooling over samshields new helmet with pink gold piping…but the new Lady isn’t bad either 😅 

I hope to see them in real soon, so I can decide which one is going to be my next helmet 🤗

Photos from google search and Skara Hästsport


Let’s jump start this week 💪🏻


Vestrum Italy makes horse throws/blankets that are worth dreaming about 😍