Better safe than sorry

We here at Jump-Set think that safety around horses is very important.

So for us it’s important to update our equipment and keep up with the best and safest things that the market can offer. Of course we can’t stress enough that if you don’t handle horses with respect and security no product on earth can help you in a dangerous situation.

With that said: As I have my safety stirrups form Freejump, Paola had the possibility to get hold on a quite new and upcoming brand of stirrups: SAFE RIDING

Just the name itself sounds good to us! Paola had her one’s for a couple of months now and is very impressed (before she also used Freejump): This is her verdict:

-the SAFE RIDING’S stirrups completely change my position in the saddle , they help me keep my feet close to my horse, I also have the feeling I don’t loose this one’s as easily as I did before. I also noticed that when I take them of during a no stirrups exercise, they are very easy to finds back! The grip is amazing but what it surprise me more is the safe system they invented! Basically I love them !!!

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