The special one

There’s the ones you will never forget, the special horses you meet and treasure forever during your lifetime. I been a very lucky girl so far and met two special ones 🤗 The special one that’s still alive today is my sweet Titanic. Because what horse can you with out problems hack out on, share with your good friend, use with a horse-sulky and who will help you put back the jumps after jumping? I’m telling you: one very special friend/horse❣️


My dear friend Paola, that I share this blog with, had an amazing weekend in Rome, doing the Longines Global Champions Tour! And even if she might not have been in the best shape herself, her super horse Bonny clearly was: what an amazing team they are!!! 🦄

The first two days the did two easy clears and arrived on the 5th place both times and the last day they had an unlucky rail down and finished at an very nice 8th place. So happy for them both. 🔝

And let’s make a shout out for Nicola, Paola coach 🤗💪🏻