First day at St. Tropez

Paola’s first day at St. Tropez been very satisfying, just a small error with each horses but otherwise super. Way to go! šŸ‘šŸ»šŸ”ā€‹


St TropezĀ 

Paola and her horses arrived to beautiful Pampelonne beach, St. Tropez where they will participate in Longines Athina Onassis Horse Show!ā€‹ā€‹




Up to somethingĀ 

I have to confess, I have been up to something the last days…but soon I hope I can tell you more. Until then I will share this teaser with you…fingers crossed šŸ¤žšŸ»

Miss twinkle starĀ 

Just a regular day but why not add some stars on your horse bum just for the fun of it? ā˜ŗļø

The way you feel…

…after a long weekend showing. Sweet Zaki are making sure she catch up on her beauty sleep #YouHaveToDragMeOutOfBed šŸ˜‚

Beautiful WeekendĀ 

Paola and her horses had a great weekend at the CSI show jumping Lame in Umbria. Here’s some nice screenshots of Paola and her beautiful greys šŸ¦„

Special moments

Last week I was in Sweden and of course took some time to visit my big ā¤ļø. I really like the place where he lives now, so many perfect roads made just for horses to go for a nice hack. ā€‹

A special thanks to his new “mammy” Rebecca for taking so good care of him šŸ¤—


Can I just take a moment and ask: Where’s the spring this year? April started out so promising but then something happened..this last period just have been cold, windy and rainy. Still need to keep my jacket and warm sweaters. šŸ™„ So ready for sun and t-shirt weather now. šŸ™šŸ»