More from Toscana Tour

Paola: Today Bonny been resting and Zakretia jump her first 125cm with me in the beautiful BOCCACCIO grass arena of Toscana Tour in Arezzo. I’m so happy with this little girl 

Toscana Tour

Paola is continuing to do good results with both her horse ūüôĆūüŹĽ Look at this massive jump! What a beautiful progress they have done and what a nice experience it have been. 

Sweet B

I don’t compete as much as Paola, don’t really have the time or interest but last weekend I actually did go for a competition. It’s always nervrecking the first time after a long break but luckily for me my queen B showed her best side and we had a nice time without any fences down or errors. I just loved this picture of her after the last fence- She is just so proud of herself that she needs to strut her stuff ūüėā #yeah 

Get inspired 

We’re thinking about sharing some inspiring exercises movies with you. Here’s Paola jumping Bonny and Zaki. You can watch her doing the same exercise with both her horses, do you see any difference?




Watch and learn 

This weekend Paola went to Etrea to compete, however she had a small misfortune the day before and could therefore not ride herself. Instead she had her coach Felipe, step in in her place. She recon it’s also good to sometimes see your horse in competition with another rider, that way you can study what they do and how your horse react to it. Remember that to be a better rider you also have to study other riders! 

Saut Hermès 

One of the most beautiful competition has been going on this weekend, we’re of course taking about Saut Herm√®s in Paris. Paola is there to see it front row. Enjoy some of her snapshots